Frequently Asked Questions

What purchase options do I have?
You can purchase Ruvi, the best freeze dried fruit and vegetable recipe on the market, in a Monthly 32 Pack, an 8 Pack, and a Sample 4 Pack. The 32 pack and 4 pack come with all 4 Ruvi blends. The 8 packs are single blends in each 8 pack box. Learn more at

How do I purchase Ruvi?
You can purchase Ruvi at, at, or through the website links of Thrive Life Consultants. You will receive wholesale pricing through the Monthly Delivery Service and receive free shipping in the U.S. and Canada if your order reaches $100. One-time purchases not made through the Monthly Delivery Service will charge retail prices.

How much does Ruvi cost?
For about the price of a latte at Dunkin Donuts or a candybar and soda at 7-Eleven, you can get 4-servings of fruits and vegetables with Ruvi.

  • Ruvi Monthly 32 Pack is USD $111.69 wholesale and USD $131.29 retail. Wholesale pricing comes to $3.49 per packet.
  • Ruvi 8 Packs are USD $29.49 wholesale and USD $34.69 retail. Wholesale pricing comes to $3.69 per packet.
  • Ruvi Sample 4 Pack is USD $15.59 wholesale and USD $18.39 retail. Wholesale pricing comes to $3.89 per packet.
We purchased all the ingredients at Walmart for a week's supply of Ruvi, excluding Tart Cherry, Acai berry, and Maqui berry since those items are hard to come by, and it cost $38.46. Compare to Ruvi at $29.49 for a week's supply and you're getting a pretty good deal!

During our launch period you will also receive a free Ruvi Blender Bottle with your first order.

What is the shelf life for Ruvi?
Unopened Ruvi packets have been tested and are still optimal for nutrition and taste for up to 12 months from the manufacture date.

Do you have perks for sharing Ruvi with others?
Yes! Join thousands of Ruvi warriors who love and share Ruvi. Become a Thrive Consultant to get paid for sharing. It’s easy. Share your website link with your network and receive weekly and monthly checks based on your friends’ purchases. Learn more.

Or skip the cash, and earn free product instead! As a customer, you can share Ruvi with others through Thrive Life’s Referral Program. Share with others, and earn 10% of your customers’ orders in Thrive Credit. Learn more.

How many servings of fruits and vegetables do I get with Ruvi?
Each Ruvi packet delivers 4 servings of fruits and vegetables (based on ½ cup serving size). Ruvi Focus, Ruvi Boost, and Ruvi Active give you 2 ½ servings of fruit and 1 ½ servings of vegetables. Ruvi Clean gives you 1 ½ servings of fruit and 2 ½ servings of vegetables.

Is Ruvi air dried or freeze dried?
Simply, Ruvi is a freeze dried whole food powdered drink. Most powders on the market are air dried or drum dried, inexpensive drying methods using high heat. The high heat destroys many of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Plus, those methods rely on purées or juices which strip out many of the beneficial components of the product. Ruvi is freeze dried. Think of taking the whole fruit or veg, flash freezing it, and then freeze drying it. We then mill down those freeze dried whole food pieces into a fine powder that you can easily mix into water and drink. Freeze drying is a gentle process that uses very low heat and pressure to remove the water — nothing else. It leaves you with all the good and none of the bad.

Is there evidence to show that Freeze Drying is better than other drying methods?
One study shows that freeze dried blackberries have 130% more anthocyanins, 93% more phytonutrients, and 103% increase in free radical scavenging over spray dried (air dried) blackberry powder. (1) Another study shows that freeze dried strawberries have 61% increase in Vitamin C, 75% more phytonutrients, and 128% increase in free radical scavenging over air dried strawberry powder. (2) In other words, freeze dried whole food powder is the way to go, and the research backs it up.

Does Ruvi have fillers or flow agents like maltodextrin?
No, Ruvi gives you whole, freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Nothing else.

Is Ruvi vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO?
Yes, Ruvi gives you freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Nothing else. Oh, and it’s non-GMO.

Does Ruvi contain added sugars?
No, Ruvi gives you freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Nothing else. The sugars you see on the label are sugars that come naturally inside the fruits and vegetables. And because you’re getting all that whole food fiber, the natural fruit sugars will metabolize more slowly than juiced products.

Why does Ruvi have a thicker, almost gritty texture?
It’s because you are getting a drink full of naturally awesome fiber! Think about all the fiber and nutrients present in the skins of fruits and vegetables and even in the seeds of raspberries and blackberries. We like to give it to you how nature intended. We actually LOVE the texture of Ruvi. Just wait. You may fall in love!

How is Ruvi different from juice?
Where do we start? Fiber – Ruvi has it (juice strips it out). Vegetables – Ruvi has more. Sugar – Ruvi has less (because of the fiber and veggies). Nutrients – Ruvi has more (pasteurization, which juice must go through to be sold in the United States, kills many nutrients and renders many more non-bioavailable).

When should I drink Ruvi?
Drink Ruvi ANYTIME (After all, you can take it with you anywhere). But research suggests that your body absorbs nutrients best in the morning on an empty stomach 30 min before consuming other food. Ruvi is also great for pre- or post-workout. Many find Ruvi is a great pick-me-up in-between meals. It might even replace your coffee!

Can I add any liquid to Ruvi, or do I need to stick to water?
Ruvi is great with all sorts of liquids. We like it with coconut water, almond milk, and even blended up with ice. Get creative!

Is Ruvi organic?
The foods in Ruvi are conventionally grown and our growers will meet or exceed the requirements outlined by the FDA and EPA for use of pesticides and herbicides. We rely on their standards to guide our farming practices. We do not source our fruits and vegetables from countries like China, where the use of chemicals in farming is not regulated.

Additionally, our food goes through a squeaky-clean washing process, unlike fresh produce you’d find at the supermarket. This washing process cleans away chemical residue from the surface of the food.

Organic certification encompasses more than just the use of pesticides and herbicides. Ruvi meets many of those standards like:

  • non-GMO
  • no artificial colors
  • no artificial preservatives
  • no preservatives
  • no use of irradiation to artificially ripen food

Is Ruvi certified by outside agencies?
Yes. Our facility is USDA, FDA, and SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified.

What does Nutrilock certified mean?
Although Ruvi seems simple (8 to 10 whole fruits and veg freeze dried and ground into a powder), it has a meticulous and extensive quality and development process to bring you this wholesome goodness. That’s our Nutrilock process. It has over 40 steps from purchasing selection (we don’t buy from countries like China that have questionable growing practices) to picking at its peak ripeness to stringent quality checks and processes. We don’t skimp, and we don’t think your body should either. See our 41 steps.

(1) *Lorena Franceschinis, Daniela M. Salvatori, Natalia Sosa & Carolina Schebor (2014) Physical and Functional Properties of Blackberry Freeze- and Spray-Dried Powders, Drying Technology, 32:2, 197-207, DOI: 10.1080/07373937.2013.814664

(2) Orak, Hakime & Aktas, Turkan & Yagar, Hulya & selen isbilir, Sebnem & Ekinci, Neslihan & Sahin, Fikrettin. (2012). Effects of hot air and freeze drying methods on antioxidant activity, colour and some nutritional characteristics of strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo L) fruit. Food science and technology international = Ciencia y tecnología de los alimentos internacional. 18. 391-402. 10.1177/1082013211428213.